The Best Upper Cervical Seminars - Now Online!

The Knee Chest Academy is bringing the top Upper Cervical courses to you! Led by Dr. Ray Drury, who has traveled the world transforming lives and wintesses miracles in his office each and every day.
The Best Upper Cervical Seminars - Now Online!

Become a master at a technique that heals your patients from the inside out.

At the Knee Chest Academy, you can change the face of Chiropractic and turn those non-believers into strong believers. These courses have made many Chiropractors successful in their offices by teaching doctors, and students, how to give their patients the results they need with great precision and care. With courses being in high demand and doctors coming from all over the world to attend his live Knee Chest seminars, Dr. Drury has decided to give access to his courses online for you to learn in the comfort of your own home.

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“Completely changed my life! When I first started learning from Dr. Drury, he said “You’re going to see more miracle cases in three months than you have ever seen in a year in full spine practice” and I have to say, he was wrong…because I see probably more miracle cases within one month than I ever did in a full 6 years of practicing full spine!”

Founder of Atlas Specific: Upper Cervical Care

Dr. Clayton Sullwold

“I knew nothing about Upper Cervical…except that it got people well. We haven’t talked about any of this in school and now I feel that I am confident to adjust someone: I know when, I know where and I know how to adjust them. Dr. Drury has given me so much confidence and this is a program I will continuously come back to – it is that awesome!”

Chiropractor Student

Kate Glebocki

“I can honestly tell you from the beginning, all the way to the last, that it has been absolutely amazing and life changing. It’s something that is challenging and I am drawn to challenges and it’s an awesome technique! The things you learn here are things you don’t learn from inside traditional Chiropractic schools and this just isn’t taught anywhere else.”

Chiropractic Student

Terence Hoff

“In school, they do not teach Knee Chest and I wanted to learn from the source: Dr. Drury has taught over 300 doctors in this Knee Chest work and these courses are the modules that are going to get you on track, get those results you are looking for and more importantly give you that added certainty that you know you’ve made a difference in that person’s life. ”

Chiropractor, The Upper Cervical Spine Center

Dr. Tim Hartman

“To describe Dr. Drury’s courses, they’re priceless. I honestly cannot put a price tag on it. Dr. Drury will tell you the truth [of how he does it] and has living proof of changing lives first hand – he does it daily! And I highly recommend for those who want to change lives, want a magnificent living and have a high impact on society, to check out Dr. Drury.”

Chiropractic Student

Preston Gregory

“I am a Knee Chest practitioner for almost 15 years and after completing the advanced course I can tell you I have grown so much as a practitioner going through this program that I feel much more confident in my adjusting, I feel better about knowing when, knowing where and how and I am really excited about the change I can bring to my community.”